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About Us

Launched in November 2015 by Yasemin Zamanpur, TWELV12 focuses on sustainably sourced and ethically crafted organic canvas goods. We strive to make everyday bags created in a planet and people-loving manner.
The Product
TWELV12 bags aim to provide light and aesthetic canvas bags that are socially and environmentally responsible.  Our collection currently features organic canvas tote bags, drawstring bags, activity bags, lunch bags and pillows.
TWELV12 uses certified 100% cotton canvas from Denizli, Turkey.  This type of cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers or synthetic pesticides and consumes less water than industry standards. 
Eco-friendly paints are utilised during the screen printing process, in a trusted printing facility in Istanbul, which we frequently visit. 
The thread, string and tags used in our products are 100% cotton.
Our bags are handmade in the atelier of Recep Usta crafted by a group of talented tailors in Nurtepe, Istanbul. 
After spending four glorious years in sunny Los Angeles and graduating from the University of Southern California in 2012, Yasemin moved on to work in the big bad apple for one year before returning to her homeland Istanbul in May 2013. Searching for a job/the meaning of life, she found her personal form of mediation through drawing repeat patterns in a squared notebook. Three notebooks later, she had formed a design aesthetic which she took the liberty of naming "Urban Tribal." Heavily inspired by LA, New York, Istanbul and her travels, Urban Tribal is a fusion between cosmopolitan iconography and tribal geometry. These patterns have become the core aesthetic of TWELV12 and are applied to all of our organic canvas products.
Social Responsibility
TWELV12 has partnered with Small Projects Istanbul, an NGO dedicated to aiding and strengthening the transition of Syrian women and children in Istanbul.  TWELV12 pouches are handmade by the women of The Olive Tree Craft Cooperative at Small Projects Istanbul.  All proceeds from pouch sales go back to these women who have been displaced by conflict.
As opposed to a donation based approach, TWELV12 has decided to involve the women in the solution.  Once Yasemin saw that there was a pool of women who were ready to learn and apply their skills to make an income, she came up with the Pouch Project to involve them hands-on in their process of reestablishing their lives.
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