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Sustainable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fun. Dressing up as Kung Fu Panda, eating candy and going back and forth between being scared and scaring people is a great time. However this global celebration can take its toll on the environment. From candy wrapper waste to toxic costumes, thousands of disposed pumpkins to artifical paints, dyes and decor, the celebrations can be wasteful and polluting.   At TWELV12 we're all about being as sustainable as possible. So before you run to your local costume store to purchase the latest sexy Snow White/ sexy Super Mario costume, how about taking a look around your house for some DIY inspo? Many store-bought costumes are filled with toxins; reuse household materials for a safe Halloween celebration! Nature and wallet-friendly- just...

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Plastic Bags and Oceans

On average, a plastic bag is used for 25 minutes. Said plastic bag takes 100-1000 years to decompose. 1000 years for 25 minutes doesn't sound too fair.  We've gathered a few facts about how the plastic bag frenzy is affecting our world. Let's talk numbers and consequences. 160,000 plastic bags a second 5 trillion plastic bags will be consumed in 2016. This means 160,000 plastic bags per second.   Dumped Less than 1 percent of plastic bags are recycled. They often contain Polyethylene, a chemical compound that takes centuries to degrade. Ocean litter 10% of plastic is dumped in the oceans. In the ocean, the plastic is broken down to tiny pieces. These pieces are eaten by fish and cannot be digested. Consequently the plastic...

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Why Organic Canvas?

Organic canvas goods with good intentions. The "good intentions" part is obvious- but why organic canvas? Great question. Here's why: It's durable: although canvas is lightweight, it's extremely durable making it a light and long-lasting reusable bag! It's chemical-free: The production of organic canvas does not involve harmful chemicals benefiting the environment, the farmer and the consumer. Reduced pollution: Organic canvas reduces pollution caused by the use of pesticides in non-organic cotton. Reduced waste: Using an organic canvas bag as a reusable shopping bag helps cut down on the need for plastic shopping bags. Healthy: Organic canvas causes fewer allergies when compared to chemical containing conventional materials.

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She's Like The Wind

Sold out twice, The Activity Bag has become our all-time hit.  Why? Here are a few reasons that come to mind: 1. Innovative Front Panel: Towels and yoga mats aren't the easiest things to carry. You can glide your beach/sports towel through the front panel of the Activity Bag to prevent clutter and keep your contents dry. Problem solved. 2. Pockets Galore: With two deep interior pockets ideal for extra clothes and water bottles and one exterior zippered pocket, you can achieve organised bliss.  3. Urban Tribal Prints: Available in Peach, Saffron and Blue Shell, the Urban Tribal print now comes in 2 new colors Mint and Deep Pink! Mint has become an instant most-loved.

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Lenny Letter: Four Women Who Fled Syria

Wafaa, our Chief Pouch Maker at TWELV12 is featured in Lauren Bohn's wholehearted piece for Lenny Letter.  Lenny Letter: Four Women Who Fled Syria is a powerful portrayal of the extent of human resilience... Thank you Lauren for penning the piece and Lenny for providing the platform to share these stories of strength.

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